Recent studies shows that most common hair loss in men is Androgenic Hair Loss. We can identify the androgenic hair loss as androgenetic type. it also refer to hereditary hair loss. It is very characteristic. First, the hair begins to weaken from the hairline and the top. Over time, this problem moves towards the crown area and the side of the hair.

This problem is also experienced in male or parents with baldness problems but actually it is not a fact. Androgenic hair loss can pass even from close relatives. Do not forget that, the more sensitive your hair follicles are to the DHT hormone. the more aggressive this process is. This condition relate to your genes. As a result, hair follicles become thinner and weaker. If suffering this problem you cannot get rid of hair loss. At this point, we recommend not to stress yourself when your hair fall and to consult a specialist doctor.

Do not use any medicines or treatments that have not yet been proven effective unless it’s by a specialist. Because these treatments may cause an extra serious problems.

Androgenic hair loss to summarize in 5 facts:

  1. Androgenic hair loss is a genetic problem.
  2. It is more common in males but often seen in females.
  3. No complete treatment of androgenic hair loss has ever found.
  4. Hair falling Out medications would only slow down the problem.
  5. The most basic symptom of hair loss is hair weakness of the top and the forehead.

Also, remember that it is impossible to stop the hair falling out loss completely in the present conditions. That’s why we advise hair transplantation with FUE hair transplant in turkey since it’s one of the latest developments in hair transplant methods.


First, you should know that treatment of androgenic hair loss depends on the cause of hair loss. Local factors such as fungus, ringworm of the scalp, dandruff are treated with creams and such drugs.

Specially produced shampoos, which prevent long-term Hair Falling Out. Chemotherapy-induced Hair Falling Out stops after this treatment, and the starts to grow again.

Hair loss due

  • Due to thyroid diseases is also stops after the treatment. After the medication is used, the hair stratus to grow again.
  • Due to stress stops again when physicalmental, or emotional factorthat causes bodily or mental tension is treated.

Therefore, psychiatric support is beneficial in such situations. As you see, there are different drugs are being used in the treatment of hair loss. The causes of male genetical loss may not be diagnosed. So it is not possible to regain your hair your hair loss type is genetic.

Together with the rapidly developing technology. Hair transplantation is now considered the best solution for the situation by the world is leading experts. In genetic hair loss, it can be tried to reduce the amount of loss but the hair on the back of the head.

One of the best techniques for hair transplantation is Follicular Unit Extraction as known as FUE.

  • After 90 days of hair transplantation, the roots start to show themselves.
  • After about 8 to 10 months, all the hair grows completely.

Patients from all over the world are both fascinated by the historical sightseeing and cuisine of Istanbul perform hair transplantation. under the leadership of our contracted senior expert doctor to treat hair loss.


Androgenic hair loss and saw palmetto: On this blog post, we are going to talk about saw palmetto. First, we need to know what saw palmetto is.

  • Saw palmetto also known as Serenoa repens is a small palm with fan-shaped leaves that have sharply toothed stalks.
  • People consume it by the aborigines of Florida and even local Indians for tens of thousands of years. Because of its bad taste,people can consume it in different ways today due to its health benefits.
  • This plant which we use as a natural DHT blocker, which has helped to prevent natural growth of prostate.
  • However, some recent researches have shown that it helps prevent hair loss in men and women.
  • Male-type hair loss, known as androgenic alopecia, is a problem associated with DHT produced by the enzyme 5a reductase. Therefore, this enzyme has two components.
  • Saw palmetto helps to eliminate androgenic hair loss because it has separate resistance to both components of the enzyme.
  • Which are completely natural, have a rich composition of fatty acid, flavonoid and phytosterol content from Serenoa repent.
  • Another, A healthy diet, valuable nutrients, drinking water regularly, and Saw-Palmetto supplements may prevent androgens and hair loss.
  • Palmetto tablets nourish the scalp. The essence of plant provides moisture, nourishes hair follicles and helps prevent hair thinning.
  • In addition, plant extract with tablet form, which strengthens hair follicles, also contributes to preventing androgens and hair loss.

Keep in mind that we do not recommend using it without advice of your doctor who specializes in hair biology.