Hair transplantation in istanbul and the importance it has. to anyone who does not feel good about their hair or needs to have a hair transplant.

Why not as there is a big difference in how you can feel ‘and definitely what you will look like after a hair transplant,
After all, the question is:

  • Which country to choose?
  • Which clinic?
  • And why ?

let us return to the first question in which state?

In Turkey because it is the place where all kinds of new techniques are tested and then distributed to other countries. but always the homeland is the best origin for every beginning. Now we are not at the beginning but in the advancement of every technique and everything and of course our doctors. In addition to having a good school baggage, also have experience, which is the most important thing; let us go back to the second question:

Which clinic to choose for hair transplantation in istanbul?

ClinMedica has made contract agreements with the best doctors that is the most important! with many years of work, you get the experience. Because our contracted doctors perform hair transplantation in Istanbul every day with different hair types and different techniques. So it gives us confidence when we say that the results will be 100% and besides. We have a great staff for hair transplantation in Turkey, which is a great help for our patients.

It is very important that every staff have the language of the patient. because it helps in a clear understanding of the hair transplant procedure.

The most important for our staff is they to get good results. The end of the day is that the patients are as satisfied as possible with the work and from the results the cooperation creates strength. so we have to cooperate together to achieve the best.

What to expect in your first week?

On this web journal post, you’ll find detailed data around the first week post hair transplant surgery. Among the questions inquired to the clinic is approximately what to anticipate within the to begin with week. So let’s take a closer look! Please note that the recovery period after hair transplantation is an normal of a year. Typically a long-lasting , but the outcomes are wonderful. Let us essentially clarify what you may experience with hair transplantation in istanbul within the first week.

On the 1st day

We may cover the donor range (ordinarily the neck) secured with a bandage. The most vital issue to pay consideration to on 1st day is: sleeping position. If possible, ought to meet the resting and needs in a position to be maintained within the seat. Particularly within the transplanted region is protected and within the position arranged for avoiding bleeding within the donor area.

On the 2st day

On the 2nd day of hair transplantation in Istanbul. There may be pain within the region and within the donor area. Typically very typical and very common. While some blood can be seen within the donor area, blood will be totally dried within the region where it is transplanted. While we cover the donor region with a bandage.

On the 3st day

You ought to take note that the 1st wash. after hair transplantation in Istanbul will be carried out by an expert under the supervision of your doctor. The way of washing to be made until the shells within the range of hair transplantation are poured ought to be proceeded. because the expert do it on the 1st day. Check out this video to memorize more almost the primary wash process.

First hair wash after the hair transplant istanbul operation

  • When you go to the clinic on day 3 after your hair transplantation in Istanbul. We will remove bandage from the donor area at first.
  • Then, a special solution will be applied to the donor area. to soften the dried blood and then the washing process will begin.
  • On day 3 aftrer hair transplantation in Istanbul. You must protect your head from the sunrays before and after the clinic visit.
  • The sleeping position should be the same today as the first 2 days.

On the 7st day

  • The first 3 days after hair transplantation in Istanbul are days that require extra sensitivity. After the touch with water with the first wash, the patient becomes more relaxed.
  • You should wash the head area regularly and carefully every day until it is freed from the shells in the hair transplantation area. You should also protect your head from direct sunlight.
  • The first week is the process of healthy hair follicles.
  • Therefore, the transplanted area should avoid movements such as impacts, hard movements, scrubbing, scratching or scratching.
  • Your specialist may recommend antibiotic therapy in the first week. We plan this as 5 to 3 days regarding the patient himself.
  • In the first week, the rapid recovery in the donor area may surprise you. At the end of the first week, you will observe the hair loss in the area. Where hair transplantation is performed and this is completely normal.

How will hair transplantation process go through in istanbul?

Hair transplantation in Istanbul can change your life forever. Let’s see how the process works very simply.

The majority of the patients who have chosen cour contracted clinics, mostly come to Turkey with their families. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with you coming alone or with your family.

Hair transplant process does not constitute deterrent to your everyday life. İn addition to patients visiting many places inside and outside of Istanbul. and discover the places that Turkish locals have not even known before. they share their experiences with us.

After you have decided to make your hair transplantation in istanbul

  • The first thing of all you need to do is to contact us and our efficiency stuff.
  • Once your appointment has been arranged for your hair transplant, you need to tell us about your flight details like the date and the airport. It is very simple and easy!
  • The day before your operation day, you will come to the clinic and make a face-to-face consultation with a world famous doctor. During the consultation we will give information about your hair. In addition, a full description of your situation.
  • After you get all the answers, front hairline design and operation, your health tests and blood tests will be done.
  • If you do not have any health problems so your hair operation going to be the next day morning at 8:00.
  • Your hair transplant process takes between 8-10 hours and during this time. you can watch TV or movies and read books. There is not any stressful feeling, after your surgery. You can return back to your hotel just after your hair transplantation surgery.
  • The following day after your hair transplant surgery. You can go back to your country after your control by our staff. Of course you can stay longer if you’d like to discover some places at the beauty city – Istanbul
  • After the hair surgery, you can contact the expert team at any time and ask us for any questions you may have or even wondering. We are at your service after the surgery too of course.
  • In the first week following the hair transplantation in istanbul, it is the process in which our patients are intensively contacted. Do not scrabble about contact us in the process following your surgery.

The most efficient places in hair transplantation are turkish

Hair transplantation in istanbul: Imagine a dream trip to Turkey. Where you can have your hair transplant at hair transplant clinic istanbul and visiting the Hagia Sophia and a lot of wonderful places in Istanbul. Which attract the people from all around the world in addition to enjoying the natural places in Istanbul. Which makes mind more relaxing.

What is a hair transplantation?

It’s a kind of surgery that moves hair you have already got to fill a district with skinny or no hair.

Doctors have been doing these transplants within the U.S. since the Fifties; however, techniques have modified plenty in recent years.

is hair transplant istanbul the best?

While walking on the streets of Istanbul or during your check-in and passport control at the city’s airports. It is inevitable that you will see men with white bandages wrapped around their heads. Some might wonder what these men are doing. No need to wonder any longer. They are frequenters of high-quality Turkish medical centers that offer hair transplantation in hair transplant clinic istanbul.

What about the hair transplant packages?

There are different packages with high standards in clinic for your best interest to choose.

All include Clinmedica’s consultation before and after hair transplant turkey istanbul. His team will plan and supervise your whole operation with a top team. Blood tests, cutting-edge FUE hair transplant technique with maximum grafts implantation, Supportive Therapy (FDA approved) are all included in the packages. FUE technique is the latest and most successful operation method.

Do we speak the paitent’s language?

We have an English speaking staff available in other Languages. For example German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew ) They will accompany you in all your moves.

The airport pick-up and all your transfers are at your service. 3 nights at a 5 stars hotel accommodation (breakfast and Wİ-Fİ connection included) During your stay at one of the best hotels in Istanbul. You will have free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul, and check a lot of attract and wonderful places in istanbul.

Hair transplant before the wedding day in summer!

Hair transplant turkey istanbul Before the Wedding: There’s Still Time for Your Hair Transplant Before the Wedding Day In Summer!

In today’s world, the men also want to look as the best outward look at their wedding, as well as the prettiest brides, not only women.

Wedding photos after hair transplant in istanbul

In our world where wedding photos are so important more than anything else in the wedding. a classy and sucessful  hair transplant in Istanbul before the wedding day might help you.

  1. The grooming candidates before the marriage season head up to the hair transplant clinics in all over the world.
  2. The most popular operations in the preparations for the outlook in wedding day is about hair transplantation.
  3. Because the hair begins to show itself 2 months later. Moreover, you slowly begin to have your natural hair back. Of course you have to wait 10 months for the exact results of hair transplantation is not yet too late.
  4. The first following months are enough to see some very successful results.
  5. Hair transplant in Istanbul performed with FUE technique in best clinic give very satisfactory results for our patients from all over the world.
  6. Of course, hair health and hair transplantation technologies and services are not limited to men.
  7. The brides want healthier hairs and fast extensions. In addition, are searching for appropriate treatments.
  8. Especially because Istanbul has a wonderful and big new airport advantage and a suitable center for hair transplant in winter period.
  9. You should look at the services of Clinmedica, one of the most important agent of our city.
  10. Which has superior demand from all over the world.
  11. Let’s meet and have your totally free and specialized consultation by our top notch professional staff.