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Hair Transplant. Turkey

When you wake up in the first day after the first operation, you’ll see liquid with a little blood overflow the neck bandage area and on the pillow. Don’t worry this is normal and only happens is the first day.

HAIR WASH (Total 7 hair wash, once a day):

You can find information video about hair wash on our official youtube channel.

It will help you to wash your hair correctly.

Start 2 days after the hair transplantation (for example if the operation was on Monday, start on Wednesday for the first hair wash) applied one time a day before going to bed.

After the 7th hair washes, you need to remove the blood clot by a soft hand massage to the transplanted area.

Foam spray: applied to the area where her roots are transplanted and wash after 30 minutes. Add to wash Time the Formed up with the hand the same time to the transplanted area this will be helpful for removing the foam.

Shampoo: Applied to the head in general. Donor area: Apply shampoo to the donor area and wash with a normal hand massage. Transplanted area: Makes a foam from the shampoo with the hand and applies a form to the transplanted area and wash sensitively on the first ten days, only tab no massage.

Make sure that you wash your hair with warm water with no pressure. Hot or cold water might damage the transplanted grafts.

Avoid rubbing or scratching the transplanted area.

Do not use a hair blower for drying your hair.

Use a paper towel to dry your hair after washing it.

If you have sensation or pain in the donor area, you can use the foam for the donor area.

After the 7th wash, take pictures of your hair from different angles and send us for doctor control.


Lie on your back in the first week.

Use the forehead bandage for the first 2 days.

Do not smoke for the first three days.

Avoid alcohol and sexual intercourse for the first seven days, avoid dusty environments and protect your head against impacts.

Avoid sports, fitness and steam bath, swimming activities, and sunbath for the first one month.

Make sure scissors are used for your haircut for the first six months, clippers may damage your hair. Hair color can be used after 6 months. ( It is normal to feel itchy, pain, and swelling for the first ten days. It will pass.)


Hair Transplant Operation: Those instructions are meant to be followed during the first 12 days after the hair transplant operation, after that, you can gradually go back to your normal life.

After your return to the hotel, you must pay attention and take very good care of the implanted area: do not rub it with any hard tools or on a hard surface, you must pay attention so you do not touch the roof of the car while going inside or outside the car.


Should never lay down your head (chin down) You should drink a lot of fluids to expel the injected liquids. should never scratch the recipient area. You must sleep on your back with a rolled towel under your neck. must stay away from direct sunlight and heavy rain.


You must return to the hospital to unwrap the bandage and learn how to wash your head with shampoo and lotion. You can only wear wide hats that don’t touch the recipient area.


  1. Swimming, running, and bodybuilding are not allowed for one month after the operation.
  2. Sexual intercourse is not allowed for 7 days after the hair transplant operation.
  3. Drinking alcohol is not allowed for 7 days after the operation.
  4. It is not allowed to cut the hair from the recipient area until 6 months after the operation.


You cut the hair with scissors only. After 9 months, you can shave your hair, and the donor area can be shaved a month after the operation.


Few days after the operation you may notice the falling of peels with some hair. This is absolutely normal nothing to worry about. One month after the Hair Transplant in Turkey, the implanted hair will fall but the hair follicles remain and start to grow naturally three or four months after the operation.

The donor area may get dry so it’s preferable to use a moisturizer twice a day. Some pimples may appear in the donor area, it is normal they will fade away in a few days. You must stay in contact with us for a whole year after the transplant.

You must send us a picture after the twelfth day of the Hair Transplant Operation. After the first month, The second, The third month, Every month until the twelfth month. Those pictures must be clear and from all sides.


  • Day 3: Post-operation hair wash procedure should be gentle without rubbing or strong movements.
  • Firstly: Apply the Lotion for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water (only the recipient area)
  • Secondly: As for the shampoo, pour the right amount, create foam between your hands, and spread foam through the donor area gently, and normally over the rest of the head, and then wash with warm water.
  • Finally: Gently dry your head and the recipient area with Tissue Paper.


Hair Transplantation is a relatively minor with no serious complications. Certainly many patients suffer from pressure and some pain in the donation area, which may last for two or three days. You will be prescribed painkillers that could be taken when necessary. We advise you to use wet wipes, bandages or spray, sleep on your back to prevent friction in the treated area as well as any unwanted swelling.

A crust layer may form and will naturally disappear within 5 to 15 days. External hair shafts will start falling in the first month; the root is still there and will produce new hairs. Experts for Hair Transplantation recommend the use certain of  Dermatch, Toppik or Couvre, as well as other products that you will receive free of charge. Attention should be paid to the recipient area as the follicles are still sensitive.


Occasionally, there may be some inflammation around the newly implanted hair follicle, which will heal on its own. Tiny scars are natural; it usually takes a coupled of months for them to disappear.

There are some patients who have a slight edema or swelling in the front. It goes away within 3-4 days at most. Some patients feel slight numbness above the donor area, which is quite normal and will gradually over several months.

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Hair transplant operation – Instructions before the operation:

Do not smoke 3 days before your operation, as smoking adversely affects the healing process.
Do not drink alcohol 3 days before your hair transplant operation.
You should tell your doctor about any medication you are taking for chronic or acute illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, tuberculosis, and blood pressure. They need to know what medications you are taking.
Do not use tricyclic antidepressants, blood thinners (heparin, aspirin and coumadin, etc.), beta blockers and monoamine oxidase inhibitors 2 weeks before your hair operation.
Do not apply any topical medications to your hair and scalp before your hair transplant.
Wash your hair before coming to the clinic before
The operation and do not use hair products after washing your head.

Hair transplant – Breakfast and drink
Breakfast before the hair transplant operation is very important.
Don’t drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks the night before.
Do not take anything that contains vitamins B and E 1 a week before the operation as this will increase bleeding during the operation and after the hair transplant operation.
Stop drinking any type of herbal tea 3 days before the operation.
On the day of the operation, wear clothing such as (shirt, cardigan, etc.)
so that you do not come into contact with your head while wearing or removing them.


Hair wash after hair transplant is one of the first  important step of many steps after the operation and it needs a lot of attention and care.

After the surgery, the skin forms clots and crusts in the hair transplant (recipient) areas of the scalp in three days. This is one of  normal situations and a part of the healing process after surgery. Although, as long as the clots remain in the skin, it prevents the hair follicles from breathing. Hair follicles need a lot of oxygen to heal and stay strong.

Therefore, The patient must  remove the crusting in the surgery area. It is also very important to clean the crusts after hair transplantation without damaging or hurt the newly transplanted grafts. because the first wash after hair transplantation is the most important wash.

In order to complete the first washing process harmlessly, it is necessary to follow some certain rules which clinmedica –  will teach to the patients. And also first wash greatly increasing  the success rate of hair transplantation.

After your hair transplantation , washing with a great care, we hold the newly transplanted hair  in a healthy way, cleaned and extended.


To help the scabs soften up and fall off you should start washing your hair daily 72 hours after your hair transplant the first washing
will be in clinic after 48 hours. It is important to wash your hair every day according to the instructions to keep the area clean, But also to help soften up the scabs. The scabs usually fall off within 7 to 10 days. When the scabs have fallen off, the hair follicles start growing faster. After the third day you can start washing your hair gently with a mild shampoo after using the foam we provide for 30 minutes in the first weak.

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