We combine experience with art because hair transplantation or plastic surgery aims to achieve beauty in the end.
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+13 Years Of Experience
With more than +13 Years Of Experience, ClinMedica Strives to achieve continuous success in the field of hair transplantation & plastic surgery.
+20K Successful Operations
More than operations have been performed bu ClinMedica’s most carefully selected the best doctors in Turkey.
12 Certificates And Awards
Many certificates obtained by ClinMedica (Turkish Ministry of Health, ISO, Turkish and International of Medical Tourism.
About ClinMedica Doctors

Whether young or old or looking for hair Transplantation or plastic surgeries, be sure that our doctors will never disappoint you. Our expert doctors possess extensive experience across all parts of the body and face, utilizing the most modern techniques a nd tools to achieve amazing results. These results not only meet but often exceed your expectations, delivered creatively, leaving you satisfied and instilling a level of confidence you’ve never felt before.

All you have to do is book your appointment with us and follow all the doctor’s instructions pre and post follow all the doctor’s instructions pre and post--operation to reap the full benefits of the procedure. operation to reap the full benefits of the procedure. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands with us!

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Operations we specialize in
The ClinMedica Difference
Why Should You Choose ClinMedica?
We Provide Comprehensive Treatment Planning And Follow The Most Strict Standards That Ensure Your Hair Transplant – Plastic Surgery Or Cosmetic Dentistry Will Go Smoothly With Guaranteed Desirable Results.
Best Doctors
ClinMedica has the most experienced FUE hair transplant- plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry doctors in Turkey istanbul; surely highly artistic & experienced.
Dedicated Team
We have the best doctors and medical teams who are specialized in hair transplant- plastic surgeries and cosmetic dentistry, with an extensive experience of up to 15 years.
Latest Techniques
We utilize the best technological tools for every procedure we perform to ensure being up to date constantly with all the breakthrough technology that ascertain the best quality of services we provide our patients with.
Who wants multiple surgeries? No one certainly would if they had another option. That’s why ClinMedica provides patients with the best results the first time around. That’s our guarantee.
Best Quality
We pay intensive attention to details when it comes to our work and invest professionally in our materials and equipments to give our patients the best possible care and treatment with the best quality available in the field.
We have dedicated and integrated team to ensure the progress of the Aftercare plan through ClinMedica's mobile application, to make it easier in your hands. We adhere to the rules of regulations for dealing with international patients.
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Just Book Your Flight Ticket And Leave The Rest To Us, We Arrange Everything For You!
A shuttle service will be provided for all your transfers required since the moment you arrive to the airport.
We guarantee you 5 stars hotel accommodation with the best hospitality at the best location in istanbul.
We speak your language so that we make your experience with us easier and more interesting.
ClinMedica Hair Transplant
Different Types Of Hair Transplant In Turkey
ClinMedica Plastic Surgery
Your Go To Advisor For Plastic Surgery In Turkey
Body Plastic Surgery
Medical operations intended to modify, reconstruct, or enhance the structure and functions of the body are referred to as body plastic surgery. This subspecialty of surgery includes a broad range of operations, such as body lifts, stomach tucks, and breast augmentations. These procedures are frequently carried out for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes following disease or injury.
Breast Plastic Surgery
Breast plastic surgery includes a range of operations intended to modify the breasts' size, form, or features. Breast augmentation, which uses implants to enlarge the breasts, breast reduction, which reduces discomfort from excessively large breasts, and breast lift, which attempts to elevate and reshape drooping breasts, are common surgical procedures. These operations can be carried out for cosmetic purposes or to improve the appearance of the breast following a mastectomy, pregnancy, or weight reduction.
Facial Plastic Surgery
A variety of operations are included in facial plastic surgery with the goal of improving or reconstructing the face's look. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), facelifts (to increase skin elasticity and lessen indications of aging), and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery to improve the appearance of the eyelids) are common surgical procedures. These operations can restore facial symmetry and give patients more confidence by addressing functional problems, aesthetic concerns, or the consequences of aging.
ClinMedica Result Reviews
Anticipating the Present & Exceeding Expectations! ClinMedica’s Hospital offers its services with an authentic architectural design, well-equipped infrastructure, highly skilled doctors, and state-of-the-art technology.
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Art And Expertise
Most Common Questions
How Much Does The Consultation Cost?
Before the procedure you will have a free consultation with the doctor who will be accompanied with the translator that you will require. The doctor will do the medical check up and also go through the consultation questions with you. Then the hair line will be drawn in an artistic way and with a natural looking way as your desire.
Are Haır Transplant Worth It?
Absolutely. A Hair transplant is a once in a life-time procedure that provides you with permanent results. It is a great replacement to all the costly treatments that are mostly not only ineffective but also temporary.
What Is Body Plastic Surgery?
Body plastic surgery is a surgical intervention involving : restoration, reconstruction, or alteration for a certain area or several areas like : – Breasts – Stomach – Arms – Buttocks – Back – thighs – Waist But like any other operation, there are several things to take into consideration before undergoing any plastic surgery such as : – Blood tests – Height – Weight – Body condition – Diseases – Heart condition – BMI (BODY MASS INDEX ) So basically after taking into consideration everything we mentioned previously anyone can get a certain surgery done on a specific area or several areas but why the BMI ( BODY MASS INDEX ) is as important as heart condition for example? First, we should be asking what is the BMI ( BODY MASS INDEX )? The body mass index is a measure of body fat in the body according to the height and weight that applies to adult women and men.
What Is Plastic Surgery?
Plastic surgery is simply an intervention with the body or the face in order to change a look or to get rid of something that bothers you whether it’s for a medical reasons or not. Areas we can perform plastic surgery operations on are : – Face – Body
Who Performs The Operation?
The entire hair transplant is done by the doctor himself and his team. The team will help extract and insert the grafts. however, the most important part of the operation which is opening the channels will be done by the doctor herself/himself.
Is Turkey Good For Hair Transplant?
More than 750,000 tourists from 144 countries choose Turkey for medical tourism, that’s because in Turkey the patient doesn’t only get cheap prices but also gets additional services. In addition to that, the patient will also get incomparable facilities with an outstanding experience at high standard clinics.
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