Hair Transplant Cost Turkey


What is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey? and What does the hair transplant cost in turkey operations?

The hair transplant cost in turkey is an essential t o know because of the component of beauty that is imporatnt with both men and women.

In the event of hair loss or baldness for any reason, whether genetic or health, In the event of hair loss or baldness for any reason, whether genetic or health, the solution is to perform because a hair transplant turkey is no longer scary, Where you can restoration hair easily and in a short time.

hair transplant cost turkey

How to search for a hair transplant clinic in turkey?

When you search for a hair transplant turkey price, you find countless offers and options from clinics around the world, and it may be difficult for you to choose due to the high competition in performance in this type of operation.

You may have wondered why the hair transplant cost in turkey is different, and why the fees for each clinic may be different.

Whatever the quality in the end you will look for the lowest hair transplant cost in turkey. The material aspect is the most important aspect after ensuring safety in the hair transplant process, and because these are the questions that come to your mind when making a hair transplant turkey decision, we answer them.

Some questions about the cost of hair transplantation in turkey

  • How do I choose the best country and clinic?
  • Why are hair transplant cost in turkey so cheap?
  • Where can I get a high-quality hair transplant turkey at the cheapest possible price?
  • Do the low prices mean that it is an unsafe hair transplant turkey?

Comparison of hair transplant clinics in turkey:

In order to make a successful comparison between places and clinics, determine the prices accurately and obtain the result and the most natural hair at the lowest possible cost.

First, you must gather information on the topic and know that hair transplant in Istanbul is a surgical procedure, which we perform it on the outer layer of the scalp skin.

Where hair transplant turkey is one of the most popular plastic surgeries now because of the great development witnessed by medical hospitals in this field, hair transplant turkey must be performed by an experienced Dr, but despite the emergence of many modern technologies in the world.

The field of hair transplant and its presence in many hospitals around the world are still significantly high, compared to hair transplant cost in turkey.

This is due to several things that determine the cost of a hair transplant.

Pre-hair transplant turkey costs, including analysis, is the first stage in any operation that is performed, as the cause of hair loss is determined.

The experience and skill of the Dr who will perform the hair transplant, the more his reputation, experience, and skill at work, the higher the costs.


Many countries around the world perform hair transplant turkey operations, and the hair transplant cost in turkey vary greatly among themselves to the extent that FUE hair transplant turkey clinic in one country may cost 10 times the FUE hair transplant turkey cost in another country.

Although the leading countries in which hair transplant research was conducted, such as the United States of America, Britain, were pioneers in the field. Some countries were competing strongly in the same field, with the same quality, and at much lower costs.

A medical team and specialists are able to distinguish between techniques for performing hair transplant turkey and mastering their use, in addition to local anesthesia for places of cultivation and extraction.

The clinic and the level of services it provides, such as modern sterilization and patient follow-up.

Modern techniques used in hair transplant turkey cost, so the clinic must be equipped and contain the latest of these technologies.

Since one of the main factors in determining the hair transplantation cost is the technique that the surgeon determines and chooses the patient’s condition:

FUE hair transplant. It is picking out the follicles suitable for cultivation and planting them in places of hair thinning. The recovery period may be up to 6 weeks.

DHI technology in which we apply the hair directly and the direction of the follicle is determined using the latest Choi pen without any bleeding.

The oblique channel (OSL) base on the method of opening the follicle channels to the baldness area using the blade of this technique, and this depends on the skill of the doctor and his mastery in using the required tools.

If we perform the operation with OSL or Choi pens, the recovery period will be much shorter than FUE because the incisions made are smaller and more precise.

You should know that the maximum number of grafts that we can harvest and transplanted is 4,500.

After that, the center is chosen based on the results of previous hair transplants, the visitors to this clinic, the gratitude of the reviewers, the doctor’s academic study,

His fame and the extent of his experience. As we know, experienced FUE hair transplant experts charge a higher cost.

The hair transplant cost in turkey may be in this average

Turkey has become the main destination for medical tourism because of its success in the field of plastic surgery in general and hair transplant. In particular, the natural results that are achieved in FUE hair transplant turkey clinic, and because of the experience of doctors and the medical team and the availability of everything required in hospitals in addition to the low hair transplant turkey price compared to other countries.

  • In America, the center of the gathering of doctors in the world, a FUE hair transplant may cost between 10,000 and 30,000 USD, Despite being one of the early pioneers in hair transplants, However, it has fierce competitors due to its high.
  • And In Britain, it might be between 8,000 and 15000 USD. The reason for the high cost may be dealing with the experts in the field of hair transplant.
  • The average cost for a hair transplant in turkey clinic ranges from 2000 to 3500 USD. In Istanbul alone, 5,000 hair transplant are performed every month.
  • Qualified doctors can provide their services to this large number of people for hair transplant, with patients who are in the country as well.
    We may witness a convergence of costs between hair transplant turkey prices, However, the difficulty in some clinics lies in finding a doctor with experience and conditions.


Turkey has been famous since 2007 for conducting hair transplant turkey operations after it had started in 2005 due to the excellent results it provided and given that it offers extremely competitive cost compared to the US, Europe and the UK, hair transplant cost turkey in these countries depends on the principle of calculating the cost of the operation.

On a single bulb, ((and many still with the old technology FUT. That leaves a scar behind the head)), the cost ranged from 3$ to 15$ per graft only, meaning that if you want to implant only 1000 grafts, that cost you between 3000 to 15,000 $, but the surprise is not only here!!

Because the success rate of the hair transplant turkey did not exceed 40%. No one has fully taken advantage of this. Procedure in these countries.

When the results and the hair transplant cost turkey, it began to appear noticeably and strong on the whole, Turkey became a destination for all people due to its high quality, incredibly competitive cost, and most importantly, The cost of transplant.

Hair is based on the operation

Hair is based on the operation and not on the follicles, as the maximum Grafts is implanted according to each person’s need at a fixed cost and with the latest hair transplant FUE – DHI – SAPPHIRE PEN.

Not only that.

Also, everything you need is in the packages, hotel accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, the clinic, the accompanying translator, and many other services.

These factors made Turkey the first field of hair transplant, and due to the high demand from all over the world to conduct hair transplant in Turkey because of the excellent costs.

Unfortunately, it has become coveted by many people in Turkey, where it started slowly.
The emergence of unqualified and non-specialized persons in hair transplant turkey and their competition for hospitals and highly experienced Specialists by offering unbelievable cost could reach 800 dollars that include all the services, and these unlicensed places began to increase in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, despite the presence of severe censorship.

From the Turkish Ministry of Health, however, these people are still carrying out their work by fleeing sometimes and changing their places at other times. Therefore, this thing must mention it to all foreign people, to make sure of the place they go to and ask about it well.


We at ClinMedica offer our customers reasonable costs for hair transplant, being officially approved by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism together under the certificate 12151, and because we are contracting with the best dr specializing in hair transplantation and plastic surgery in Turkey.

So, we provide VIP service to our customers. Cost of hair transplant cost in turkey.

How many 2000 hair grafts?

This question concerns many, who do not know how the cost of hair transplant turkey, because these people are accustomed to hearing the prices of hair transplantation according to the principle of price per follicle, Here in Turkey, we calculate the price of hair transplantation on the operation as a whole and not on the number of implanted hair follicles, including everything from hotel accommodation and luxury transportation, all of this at this cost hair transplant cost in turkey After

FUE hair transplantation you can visit the most famous places in turkey also you can shop for some product for optimizing your hair with a sheep price, you can find the hair vitamin in all the pharmacies in turkey for 300 dollars.


Costs of Hair Transplantation in turkey in general, Turkey is a leader in the hair transplant department, In terms of quality and low prices, compared to European countries that offer the same quality and efficiency for higher prices.

The price is not a factor to determine the hair transplantation results, But by the doctor who will perform it and the applied technology.

The world-class treatment at affordable prices makes Turkey a first destination for people from Europe and the Middle East who are looking to undergo hair transplantation, an important component of the country health care tourism sector.

While walking on the streets of Istanbul or during your check-in and passport control at the city’s airports, it is inevitable that you will see men with white bandages wrapped around their heads.

Therefore, some might wonder what these men are doing. No got to surprise to any extent further, they are frequenters of high-quality Turkish medical centers that provide hair transplants.

The top choice for hair transplants in Europe, Turkey welcomes people from the Middle East, Gulf countries and European countries for hair transplant operations. The quality of services and cheap costs has enabled Turkey to be graded third in hair transplant procedures worldwide.


Turkey offers world-class medical facilities at affordable prices for hair transplant procedures which cost around $15,000 in the U.S.

In addition, most European countries, and $2,000 to $4,000 in Turkey.
Turkish Health Ministry to implement strict rules and a observance mechanism to stop illegal hair transplant activities.

In Turkey as the medical facilities offer fully qualified doctors and technicians with in-depth knowledge, skill, and experience To perform the best hair transplant in istanbul.

Doctors use the latest medical equipment to ensure patient safety and get the best possible results.

However, If you are not sure about which medical facility you can trust for your hair transplant procedure, Look for one with international accreditation, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Located in the middle of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Turkey reserves a huge potential to boost the market with its geographically significant location.

Therefore, the references of patients bring most of the others for hair transplant in Turkey.


  1. Walk through Taksim Square, the center of modern Istanbul, and you’ll see them: groups of men wandering around with their heads swaddled in bandages or bright-red marks shaped like boomerangs stretching from temple to temple at the crowns of their heads.
  2. They’re a sign of one of Turkey’s fastest-growing industries. In the last few years, despite a significant decline in tourism more broadly, the country has become a destination for medical tourists seeking hair-transplant operations. around 750,000 health tourists visited Turkey last year; about 60,000 come  for hair transplants every year.
  3. Turkey was one of the most popular destinations discussed online for hair transplants.
  4. Mainly it was the positive reviews I’d read. Plus it’s not too far away to travel. so the flights were quite cheap. You can fly to places like America that boast to have the best results.
  5. Then flights alone would have cost me the whole price of a transplant in Turkey.


Turkey is one of the top five medical tourism destinations on the planet right now, with one of its most important components being the Hair Transplant procedure.

Hundreds of hair transplantation in Istanbul run in the country every day. Thanks to its highly-skilled doctors, top-notch equipment, and ultra-hygienic clinics, The country has become the premier destination for those who want to restore their head of hair to its former glory.

It’s not uncommon to walk the streets of Istanbul and see around with the same head bandages on!


Patients don’t have to be concerned about the quality of a hair transplant in Turkey

As the medical facilities offer fully qualified doctors and technicians with in-depth knowledge, skill, and experience to perform the best hair transplants. The doctors use cutting edge medical equipment to ensure patients are safe and get the best possible results possible.

If you are not sure, about which medical facility you can trust for your hair transplant procedure. Look for one with international accreditation, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


Statistics say that this year 1 million people have visited Turkey and specially Istanbul for the new year’s holiday. Compared to 750,000 people last year.

Most people are coming to experience the special new year’s atmosphere that.

Istanbul City provides along with undergoing hair transplantation treatment and other aesthetics operations.

Consequently, there is a relation between the fun of the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul and the hair transplantation treatment performed in high quality clinics by top doctors with reasonable prices.

That been said, Turkey has climbed up the list of the places to go to for aesthetics and hair transplant treatment. That’s why many clients from Europe and all around the world are visiting every year to enjoy this breathtaking experience.

ClinMedica with Holiday in Turkey: The contracted Clinics are among the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul and Turkey due to incredible customer service. Also, High-end technologies and experienced doctors.

Another important thing about Holiday in Turkey is its geopgraphical location, which is very central.

In addition, this location gives the advantage of easy access to many airports around the world.

Recommended in holiday after hair transplant

Besides that, to steer clear from any physical activity such as daily workout, football, soccer, basketball, martial arts Volleyball. When the 3rd, 4th weeks comes you can start swimming. However, using a hat for protection is necessary.

After the 4th week, you can go back to your daily workout routine except sports.