Sapphire Pen Hair Transplant In Turkey

The FUE sapphire hair transplant method is an innovation of the FUE method, in which sapphire blades work to extract hair grafts from the donor area, rather than the steel blades.

Although there are different types of hair restoration techniques available, the FUE sapphire is the safest of all methods.

The majority of hair transplant methods come with some common side effects, including large noticeable scars and slower healing in the donor area.

Therefore, what distinguishes FUE sapphire or Follicular unit extraction is its method of graft extraction.

In FUE, we extracted the grafts as individual follicular units, rather than strip tissue grafts, Reducing pain and scarring and making healing much faster than it is in other hair transplant techniques.

FUE sapphire pen is especially recommended for potential patients who have a higher risk of scarring, Such as those with very loose or tight scalps, younger patients, and athletic, or very muscular patients.

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