Medical Tourism And Hair Transplant In Turkey X

When it comes to hair transplants in particular, “Medical Tourism And Hair Transplant In Turkey” is the best choice for you.

Thailand, the Maldives, South Africa, and the USA are all options. The locations where hair transplants can be done sound more like traditional vacation spots. But if you want a hair transplant, you don’t need to travel halfway across the globe. Other European nations and abroad also provide such procedures at reasonable costs.

Numerous people travel to the nation on the Bosporus every day to have their bald spots on their heads restored. In the meanwhile, hair transplant metropolises have emerged in Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir.

The greatest clinics and physicians may be found there now for a good reason: even in the early days, when the first hair transplants were performed, Turkey was the site of groundbreaking research in this sector.

These clinics constantly employ the most cutting-edge procedures and techniques; for instance, only the cutting-edge FUE method and its subsequent improvements are used for hair transplantation. The institutes in Turkey believe that the FUT method is completely out of date, even though it is frequently still employed in Germany.

Hair Transplant Methods Used In Turkey

The grafts, or follicles where the hair roots are located, are extracted one at a time from the donor area, which was previously given local anesthesia, during a FUE hair transplant – FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction.

On the back of the head, between the ears, is where the donor site is placed. These follicles are unique in that they are resistant to DHT, which is the key factor in hereditary hair loss. The recipient area’s bald areas are subsequently filled in by reintroducing the excised grafts there.

The DHI Sapphire hair transplantation and the Sapphire hair transplantation are two additional improvements of this procedure. Of course, ClinMedica also offers these two techniques.

Here, the process is described in a very abbreviated manner. By the way, the FUE technique can be used to transplant hair other than head hair. Another option is to have your beard or brows hair transplanted.

Why Is The Cost Favorable For Medical Tourism In Turkey?

Hair transplants in Turkey are significantly less expensive than in countries like Germany. This isn’t due to underpaying medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other clinic staff. Rather, the lower cost is attributed to Turkey’s substantially lower cost of living compared to many other countries.

Rent, food, gasoline, and even prescription drugs are all cheaper there. This explains why wages are far lower here than they are in the US or the UK.

On the other side, Turkey’s economy heavily depends on medical tourism. The level of competition among the various clinics is correspondingly strong. By the way, you become aware of this the moment you go into one of the clinics.

Even in the entry area, many of them resemble a five-star hotel rather than a hospital. The team is also very motivated to make the patient’s stay as enjoyable as possible. Turkey is known for its legendary hospitality, and good reason!

That benefits the customer without sacrificing quality. If you choose to have such a medical operation in Turkey, there is absolutely no need for concern. Normal language boundaries do not pose a difficulty either. Every clinic has translators on staff who are available every minute to respond to patients’ inquiries.

The Advantages Of ClinMedica Clinic In Istanbul For Hair Transplant

ClinMedica in Istanbul is considered one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey for hair transplantation.

The pricing at ClinMedica is also clear. There are so-called all-inclusive packages. The hair transplant in Turkey price includes not only the hair transplant, but also the hotel accommodation, the transfer service, the medication, and various aids. Only the flights have to be booked by the patient.