Androgenic Hair Loss X

Recent studies show that the most common hair loss is” Androgenic Hair Loss In Men ” or male pattern hair loss. We can identify this type of hair loss as an androgenetic type. it’s also referred to as hereditary hair loss. It is very characteristic. First, the hair begins to weaken from the hairline and the top. Over time, this problem moves towards the crown area and the side of the hair.

Androgenic Hair Loss In Men

This problem is especially experienced in males who have parents with baldness problems but actually, it is not a fact. Androgenic hair loss can pass even from close relatives. Do not forget that, the more sensitive your hair follicles are to the DHT hormone. the more aggressive this hair loss is. This condition is relative to your genes. As a result, hair follicles become thinner and weaker. If you’re suffering from this problem then It’s hard to get rid of hair loss. At this point, we recommend not to stress yourself when you experience hair fall and to consult a specialist doctor.

Do not use any medicines or treatments that have not yet been proven effective unless it’s by a specialist. Because these treatments may cause extra serious problems.

Important Facts About  Androgenic Hair Loss

Androgenic hair loss is a genetic problem.

It is more common in males but often seen in females too.

No complete treatment of androgenic hair loss has ever been found.

Hair-thinning medications would only slow down the problem.

The most basic feature of hair loss is hair weakness at the top and the frontal areas.

Also, remember that it is impossible to stop hair loss completely in the present conditions. That’s why we advise to undergo hair transplantation with FUE hair transplant in Turkey since it’s one of the latest developments in hair transplant methods.

How Is Androgenic Hair Loss Treated?

First, you should know that the treatment of androgenic hair loss depends on the cause of it. infectious factors such as fungus, bacteria, ringworm of the scalp, and dandruff are all treated with creams and such drugs as specially produced shampoos, which treat such infections and thus prevent long-term Hair thinning.

Chemotherapy-induced Hair loss shall stop after a hair transplant and the hair will start to grow again.

Common Reasons

Due to thyroid diseases that shall be stopped after the treatment. So after the medication is used, the hair would grow again.

Stress from different sources as physical, mental, or emotional factors causes comprehensive tension and thus shall be treated.

Therefore, psychiatric support is beneficial in such situations. As you notice, different drugs are being used in the treatment of hair loss. The causes of male genetic hair loss may not be diagnosed. So it is not possible to regain your hair if your hair loss type is genetic.

All together along with the rapidly developing technology. Hair transplantation is now recommended by the world’s hair experts as the ideal solution to treat this situation. In genetic hair loss, hair starts to fall out first at the front and top then extend to the crown but the hair on the back of the head would still resist.

Treating Androgenic Hair Loss With Saw Palmetto Tablets

The link between Androgenic hair loss and Saw Palmetto: In this blog post, we are going to talk about Saw Palmetto. First, we need to know what saw palmetto is.

Saw palmetto is also known as Serenoa repens which is a small palm with fan-shaped leaves that have sharply toothed stalks.

People used it since the earliest times, for example; the aborigines of Florida and even local Indians have used it for thousands of years. Because of its bad taste, people can prepare it in different ways today to be consumed due to its health benefits.

This plant which we use as a natural DHT blocker, has helped to prevent the natural growth of the prostate.

However, some recent research has shown that it helps prevent hair loss in both men and women.

Male-type hair loss, known as androgenic alopecia, is a problem associated with DHT that is produced by the enzyme 5a reductase. Therefore, this enzyme has two components.

Saw palmetto helps to eliminate androgenic hair loss because it slows down both components of the enzyme.

It is of a completely natural origin and has a rich composition of fatty acid, flavonoid, and phytosterol contents.

It should be combined with a healthy diet, valuable nutrients, and drinking water regularly, since Saw-Palmetto supplements may prevent androgens and hair loss.

Saw palmetto tablets also nourish the scalp. The essence of the plant provides moisture, nourishes hair follicles, and helps prevent hair thinning.

In addition, the plant extract that is included in the tablet form strengthens hair follicles as well as contributes to preventing androgens and therefore stopping hair loss.

Please keep in mind that we do not recommend using ” Androgenic Hair Loss In Men” without the advice of your doctor who specializes in hair biology.

Treating Androgenic Hair Loss With Follicular Unit Extraction Which Is Well Known As FUE.

After 90 days of hair transplantation in Turkey, the roots start to produce new hair shafts.

After  8 to 10 months, all the hair grows completely.

Patients from all over the world are fascinated by both the historical landmarks and cuisine of Istanbul and also want to undergo hair transplantation. Of course, all of that is done by our professional expert doctor to treat hair loss.